Are you ready to get out from under the clutter?

Are your surroundings joyful?

Supportive, effective, personalized solutions

Supportive, effective, personalized solutions

Are you frustrated by your home? You want it to be a welcoming sanctuary but it’s full of stuff. When you look around at the piles of mail and the clutter on every surface, do you leave the house to get away from it all?  Space out in front of the TV or on your phone for hours rather than tackle what seems like an impossible task?

Do you have clothes everywhere, a basement you call “scary basement” because it’s so full of stuff, a garage the car never sees the inside of, storage units you pay for every month but haven’t visited in years?

Welcome! I’m Lucy Kelly and I’m here to help. You probably think I’m a little crazy. Clearing clutter and getting things organized are my absolute favorite things to do: I love seeing how happy people get when that burden is lifted! 

Finally you can focus on what matters in your life 

Once you’re done arguing with your family about clutter, avoiding dealing with the backlog of mail, and looking for those darn keys, you can get to the good stuff. With the clutter gone, and organization in place you’ll be more effective at work, you’ll have time to write that novel, start your own business, or get out there and enjoy our mountains. There’ll be time to hang out with your family, work on the invention you’ve always wanted to patent, put a plan in place to host Thanksgiving at your place this year. 

What do YOU want to do when the clutter’s gone?

“You have such an easy way of keeping me on track, of asking all the right questions, of respecting my choices, and providing a way to make organization work!” — Evanne B., Boulder

How much clutter do you have?

Are you ready for something different?

Perhaps you feel excited and but also apprehensive about getting help. You’re sick of living like this but the idea of making a change seems totally overwhelming. You’re worried about letting someone in to see the mess but at the same time, you long to be able to open your home to friends and family again.

That’s why I begin with a free 30 minute consultation. Keep in mind that I’ve seen lots and lots of houses with all sorts of clutter. Show me what needs doing and be ready to breathe a huge sigh of relief when you see that I won’t judge you.

Take a look at the clutter hoarding scale. Where do you think your home stands? As long as the home is safe for me to work in, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves. I’ll cheer you on, working with you at your pace to make the changes you’re looking for. 

My ongoing training as a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and ICD (The Institute for Challenging Disorganization) and my hands-on experience helping people all over Boulder County and Longmont declutter and get organized all mean I know how this works.

I’ve got all kinds of strategies at the ready because I truly believe organizing isn’t a one-size-fits-all sort of thing. Forget “247 simple steps you must take to get and stay organized!” We’ve all read the magazines, in fact they’re most likely part of the clutter. They’re not effective because they’re not customized to fit you and your unique situation. When I’m there, I’ll be making sure what we’re doing is working for you and that you’ll be able to maintain it yourself.

“I especially appreciated how Lucy didn’t judge or make us embarrassed about anything. It was really a pleasure to organize, something I would have thought impossible before!”   — Sarah C., Boulder 

Frequently asked questions

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I have ADHD. Can you help me get organized? many of my clients have ADHD, either formally or self-diagnosed. I can help.

Are you going to make me throw everything away? no, it’s always your choice what stays and what goes.

What if we throw away something I really wish we hadn’t? unlikely, but click the link to see my approach.

My house is extremely cluttered. Can you help me? yes. If your house is already clutterfree and organized, that’s no fun!

How much does it cost? full details here. Spoiler alert: not as much as you’d think, and so much less than you’re paying everyday in lost time, missed opportunities, chronic stress, and frustration.

How do you protect my confidentiality? Very effectively. I want YOU to be the one to tell people about me.

and more…

Are you ready to get started?

You could just keep on doing what you’re doing. Avoiding the clutter, hoping it goes away. Putting up with a life spent chasing clutter and dealing with the results of disorganization, never really getting to what it is you’re here to do. But wouldn’t it be fun to be done with all that? To cut the clutter, get organized and get on with your life? I’m here to help you do just that. Call 303-926-4231 or email me at I’m excited to start working with you!

“Lucy is a joy to be around. You’re so good at organizing and keeping me on track.” Diane S., Longmont