Are the piles of paper everywhere stressing you out?

Is your clutter holding you back from focusing on what you love?

Do you ever look around and wonder how it got like this?

I’m so glad you found me! These are the problems I help people with.  Some think they just can’t get organized but the truth is, it’s a skill you can learn.  You just need a different approach, a way that makes sense for the way you live your life.  

Am I the right organizer for you? 

 If you just want someone to come in and switch out your wardrobe for the season or make sure the spice jars are perfectly lined up, then I’m probably not the right organizer for you.

My focus is working with people who have tried to get organized by themselves and found the process overwhelming.  They get distracted easily, they may have ADHD, they fear that they are simply missing the “organizing gene.”

What stops some people from getting organized?

“Empty desk, empty mind.”  Organized = boring, clutter free = uncreative.  As the piles have grown, you’re starting to question those assumptions but how to change the habits of a lifetime?

“That’s just not my strong point.”  Perhaps you weren’t taught how to declutter and organize in a way that made sense to you.  You may have believed that organizing is a talent rather than a skill, and resigned yourself to living a disorganized life in a home full of clutter.

“I have to keep this stuff.”  Sometimes old messages around keeping stuff or frugality can get in your way.   If we find past issues are coming up, I have a wonderful team of counseling professionals who can help you sort things out so we can finish our work together. 

Whatever’s been holding you back, please don’t assume that you’re doomed to live in chaos.  This is a skill you can learn and I’m excited to teach it to you.

Working with Joyful Surroundings LLC: a joyful approach

I love helping people do this work and I have absolutely no judgment about how things are.  I’m there to help you get your space how YOU want it to be.

I’m efficient and since I always have the end goal in sight, I know how to keep you focused and on track.

As we work together, I’ll be teaching you how to declutter and get organized so that when we’re done, you’ll be able to maintain your space long-term.

Check out 21 reasons to get organized and see which ones resonate with you. Take a peek at the FAQs and some before and after photos. I’ve put pricing right here so you can easily find the best fit for your budget.  When you’re ready to make room for what matters in your life, call me and we’ll schedule your free 30 minute in-home consultation.  Let’s get started!

Lucy Kelly  303-926-4231