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Are you ready to get out from under the clutter?

Lucy Kelly

Lucy Kelly

Do you feel embarrassed and ashamed about the level of clutter in your home? I’m so glad you found me!

Supportive:  I know you’ve tried to get organized before and it hasn’t worked.  That doesn’t mean you’re a failure.  I know you can do it and I’ll hold that vision for you until you can hold it for yourself.

Effective:  I want to give you life-long skills.  When you understand how it all fits together, you’ll be able to maintain your space long-term.  This is about putting you back in control of your house.

Personalized solutions:  My job is to help you get your space how YOU want it to be, using what you already have wherever possible.  I don’t want to sell you a bunch of designer storage bins, I want to create a stress-free environment that supports you and makes your life better. 

“You have such an easy way of keeping me on track, of asking all the right questions, of respecting my choices, and providing a way to make organization work!” — Evanne B., Boulder

How much clutter do you have?

A useful resource for assessing how much clutter you have is the clutter hoarding scale.  I see all sorts of houses with all sorts of clutter and I have the skills and strategies to help you make a change.

I’m often asked if I work with hoarders.  My guiding principle is that if you’re not ready for change, you wouldn’t be calling me.  It’s essential that you want to declutter and get organized for yourself and aren’t just bowing to the pressure of family and friends.

But when you decide that you do want to make a change, I’m your biggest advocate and I’ll work with you at your pace to make the changes you’re looking for. 

“I especially appreciated how Lucy did not judge or make us embarrassed about anything.  It was really a pleasure to organize, something I would have thought impossible before!”   — Sarah C., Boulder


It’s natural to wonder how this will work.  I’ve compiled a list of the most common questions I hear, everything from “Should I clear up before you get here?” to “What if we throw away something I really wish we hadn’t?” to “Where do you work?” and “How long will it take?”.  Please check out the FAQ page and if I’ve missed your question, let me know and I’ll answer it for you.

Lucy Kelly, professional declutterer and organizer

Originally from the U.K., I live in Boulder county with my family — two teenagers, my husband and our rescue dog Baxter.  With two kids with ADHD and a family that’s moved 16 times in 25 years, I know how to make any place feel like home.

I love to help people get organized both in person and through my decluttering column which runs on the fourth Saturday of each month in the Longmont Times-Call.

Professional memberships:



Each decluttering and organizing session is three hours long.

All single sessions and packages are prepaid by cash, check or credit cards via PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).

  • Trying It Out:  One three-hour session for $225.
  • Getting Started:  Four organizing sessions for $896 (12 hours total).
  • Getting Serious:  Eight organizing sessions for $1,562 (24 hours total). 
  • Committed to Change: Sixteen organizing sessions for $2,884 (48 hours total).

“The first time I used Lucy’s service was when I wanted to create a special work space in our little home. I didn’t quite know where to begin, felt *stuck* and was thrilled when Lucy came in, and knew exactly where to start.  Lucy was able to see the possibilities, where I was just bogged down by my stuff.” — Colette N., Longmont

Getting started 

Lucy Kelly

Lucy Kelly

The next step is to call Lucy Kelly at 303-926-4231 and let me know what you need help with.  If I’m out on an organizing appointment, please leave me a voicemail message or send me an email (  When we talk, we’ll set up your free 30 minute in-home consultation.  

Are you ready?  Let’s get you out from under the clutter so you can focus on doing what you love!

“Lucy is a joy to be around. You are so good at organizing and keeping me on track.” Diane S., Longmont

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