Do you dread the sound of the doorbell?

Lucy Kelly, professional organizer and clutter wrangler

You’d love to have company visit but the clutter’s everywhere and you hate to imagine what they’d think.  Whenever you try to get organized, you quickly give up in despair – it’s just too difficult and overwhelming a task.

Let me help you create the warm welcoming home you long for

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Welcome to the No Judgment Zone!

It’s all about getting your space how YOU want it. We’ll sort and declutter and sort and organize and sort some more. By the time we’re done, your space will serve you beautifully and you’ll be excited to invite people in.

“I especially appreciated how Lucy did not judge or make us embarrassed about anything. It was really a pleasure to organize, something I would have thought impossible before!” – Sarah C., Boulder

Lisa’s story

Lisa never let anyone come in through the back door. Her mudroom had become a dumping ground spilling onto the unmanageable system for handling paperwork.
We  streamlined the space with clearly defined areas and set up a simple mail processing system. Now Lisa happily welcomes visitors at a moment’s notice.