This is the spice cupboard, after we organized it

What didn’t we do?

  1. We didn’t rush out and buy a matching set of spice jars.
  2. We didn’t spend time decanting some of the spices into the shiny new containers before we got sidetracked.
  3. We didn’t alphabetize anything.

What did we do?

1.   We decided that this was the spices/baking supply cupboard.

2.   We took out everything that wasn’t a spice or for baking and found it a new home.

3.   We pulled spices and baking supplies from other cupboards and integrated them into this cupboard.

4.   We filled up the canisters so there are no more bags of unidentified flours lurking around.

5.   We arranged the spices in a user-friendly way.

We didn’t throw away infrequently used spices but we did relegate them to the second shelf.

We put the once a year spices at the back of the second shelf and the more frequently used items in front of them.

The spices the client uses every day went on a small lazy susan right at the front of the cupboard.

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