Clutter Challenge: Algebra Books

Sometimes we keep things because they remind us of a time we loved. I still remember the thrill I got when I homeschooled my son for middle school and realized that at long last, I understood algebra! My brain wasn’t ready at 13 but 30 years later, I was nailing those concepts. Now my son is about to graduate high school and knows more math than I can ever hope to, but I loved being part of his journey. HOWEVER, I’m no longer (a) teaching anyone algebra or (b) planning to teach anyone algebra. Somehow I don’t think the future grandkids are going to be begging to go to Grandma’s house to learn algebra. Time to let them go to someone else who’ll be as delighted with them as I was. Send it away Saturday!

What are you saving for the memories? Can you keep the memories and let the thing go?

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