Send it away Saturday: bread-making book

Do you ever keep something because it represents a dream? I’m no cook, as my family will rush to tell you, but I make a mean apple pie and my scones aren’t to be sneezed at. I want to be able to make great bread too. I can just see myself setting out those steaming loaves with their crisp, flour-dusted crusts, the family eagerly tucking into fresh slices at breakfast.

But if I’m honest, I don’t really want to learn how to make bread enough to spend any time doing it. It just seems like a ton of work. I was seduced by the title of this book at least two years ago and I’ve yet to find those five minutes a day. Send it away Saturday!

What are you holding onto that’s part of a past dream? Can you let it go to make room for what you’d like to do now?

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