Clutter Challenge: Memory Foam Pillow

Ooh, look! One of those cool memory foam pillows, the ones with the little arch to support your neck! I wanted this for such a long time before I finally splurged. Carried it lovingly home from the store, shoved old boring non-memory foam pillow into the closet and prepared for the most restful sleep of my life.

So it was a little harder than I was used to, but hey, it had that cool ridge to support my neck. I was probably so misaligned that I really needed this pillow to mold me back into shape. No way my lovely new pillow could have anything to do with the persistent nagging headaches I’d started getting lately.

After one too many nights of trying to adapt myself to the pillow, I hurled it off the bed and dragged out old comfy, low-tech. I slept really well that night and the headaches were gone within a day.

And yet I still have the fancy pillow. Time to make peace with the fact that I spent too much for something that hurt my neck. Send it away Saturday!

Are you holding onto something that doesn’t work for you because you spent a lot of money on it? Would it be okay to let it go now?

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