Clearing Space for Something Better

When we’re stuck amidst our clutter, it’s tempting to shrug our shoulders and say, so what? Why not continue to live comfortably sandwiched amongst all our stuff? What’s so wrong with being ensconced in a cocoon of clutter?

It helps to remember that every time we clear away something that no longer serves us, we’re creating space for something that will enrich us, make our lives better, make us smile.

The time between letting something go and welcoming the new thing or experience we’ll love can feel a little rocky, a little uncertain. We can’t always see what it will be. Who knows how long this emptiness will last? But without clearing space, there’s no room for anything new and wonderful to come into our lives. It’ll stop at the threshold, see all the stuff that’s already there and head for the hills!

What can you let go of to clear space for that wonderful new something?

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