Send it away Saturday: lots of lightbulbs

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We have a surprising number of light bulbs, thanks to a give-away at school a few years ago. Fun fact: each of these energy efficient light bulbs will last 9 years once installed. If that’s so, then many of them will be waiting much longer than 9 years for their chance to shine. Hmmm, and it looks like even with a wealth of environmentally friendly light bulbs, we’re still buying regular bulbs.

Do I really want to give valuable shelf space to a lifetime’s worth of light bulbs just because they were free? Is it possible the technology will change again before these bulbs get their  moment in the sun? Can I give most of them away and save just a few, knowing that there’ll always be more? I think I can! Send it away Saturday!

Is there something you’re keeping a lifetime’s supply of? Do you need to?

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