Organizing Clutter

Yes, it’s organized. Look at this tidy basement, with its uniform stacks of totes, all the lids squarely on, oh so orderly in their dull gray precision.

Those totes are all full of clutter. How do I know? Because anything you love, need or use is out on display or to hand. You don’t have to go searching in totes for what’s part of your life right now.

If you don’t love it enough to free it from Tote City, why do you have it?

There are many answers to that question, from fear of running out of things to fear of forgetting if you don’t hold onto the tangible reminders. But at the end of the day, if it’s in a tote, it’s not being used for the here and now.

If a tote is full of photographs, you can’t look at them and enjoy the memories. Let’s find the photographs you love and create ways to display them so you can look at them whenever you want to.

If a tote is crammed with your kids’ old toys, you don’t see them, they don’t make you smile. Let’s pick a select few favorites, find a shelf and set them out for you to enjoy.

Is it time to have a look-see at those organized not-so-little totes and see if we can’t free up some space in the basement for the things that are part of your life right now?

Are you ready to reclaim your basement? Contact Joyful Surroundings LLC for compassionate, creative, and totally nonjudgmental decluttering & organizing services.

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