Send it away Saturday: a broken recorder (and a dream)

This was a tough one for me, although I know objectively it’s a broken recorder that hasn’t been used in at least five years. As a music major, I know that those first steps towards music are crucial. Hearing music in the home, learning to play the recorder at school, connecting with the music that’s everywhere and finding your instrument.

And as a parent, I know it’s my kids choice whether they join the music or find other passions.

It would just be really, really cool if they shared my passion for music.

But they don’t. And holding onto a broken recorder full of promise for that to happen isn’t exactly changing anything. Thing is, if I let this old recorder go, I’m letting go of that dream.

I think I’m ready. I think it can go. How about you? Are you holding onto anything that represents a hope, a wish, a longing for something that isn’t happening? Can you let go of that as well as the thing?

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