Send it away Saturday: bath toy

This was a fun bathtub toy for my kids years ago. Somehow it’s still hanging around our basement. It’s in pretty good shape, so I’m sending it off to the thrift store to delight a toddler again.

Do you have anything your kids once used? It’s okay to set aside a few thing for future grandkids, it’s another thing altogether to save your kids’ childhood for them.

Think of yourself as a curator in a very special museum. Set aside a box or a shelf for the handful of things that sum up your kids’ childhood for you. Only you know what those items are, but you also know which ones don’t really make the cut. As I looked at this boat, I asked myself if this was one of those toys that had to go in the bathtub every single time, that got carried around the house and made part of every game? Would the sight of it still make us all smile? Or was is one of the many pieces of colorful plastic that come into your home when you have toddlers? Ignored for the most part by my kids and lost in the shuffle?

It could become the love of another toddler’s life so I’ll wish it Godspeed and send it on its way this Saturday.

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