So this is why I don’t faint with shock when I see all the stuff people have. In an odd way, I find it very familiar and sort of comforting. I grew up in an environment where you kept everything for several reasons but mainly (1) because you had it (2) because you might need it again.

Growing up, I had piano lessons. I wouldn’t say I actually played the piano, because that implies a degree of fluency I never attained. But I did play and so I kept all the piano music I ever had because that’s what you do.

But I realize I will never, and I mean never, ever again want to mangle the piano accompaniment to Joseph, amazing technicolor dreamcoat not withstanding. I couldn’t play it then, I can’t play it now, I have no interest in mastering it. So even though it’s music, it’s clutter. And off it goes.

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