The “Should” Factor

It might be an elliptical. Now I have the elliptical right here in my laundry room, I’m definitely going to use it! 

Or maybe it’s a set of piano instruction books. This is the year I’m going to teach my kids piano!

It could be that stack of bulk quinoa and teff. With all this healthy stuff in my cupboards, I’m going to eat right. No more excuses!

And yet

  • We don’t use the elliptical,
  • the kids don’t want to learn piano,
  • we definitely don’t eat the quinoa.

but because we feel like we should exercise more, we should teach our kids piano, we should eat healthier food, we keep it all.

In the meantime,

  • we trip over the elliptical every time we do laundry,
  • the perpetually dusty piano takes up a lot of space in the already too small family room,
  • there isn’t enough room for the food we actually eat in our cupboards.

Is there something in your house you’re keeping because you “should” use it? Are you going to? Is it time to let it go?

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