Longmont Times-Call calling!

It’s that time again!  The monthly Send it away Saturday column in the Longmont Times-Call is open for business:

Longmont Times-Call Send it away Saturday column October 2014


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2 thoughts on “Longmont Times-Call calling!

  1. Wonderful column, Lucy! So many of us keep those medical devices “in case …” but you are so right — in our consumer-driven society, even the medical devices get replaced. Whether you want a new one or not, you are gonna get one, so Send It Away for someone whose medical coverage is not as good (or nonexistent). See? You’re doing someone a good turn (not a twist!).


    1. So true Judith, it’s amazing how good it feels to donate something you KNOW will truly help someone else. I’m hearing about all sorts of braces and medical support devices that are on their way to new homes today. Makes me smile 🙂


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