Why won’t you just do it for me?

When I meet clients for the first time, they often peer hopefully at my organizing bag. They’re hoping to see the tip of my magic wand, which means they’re hoping I’m there to magically fix everything.

Of course, I *could* come in and set it all up the way I like my house arranged. But if I did that, then odds are a month later (sooner maybe, depending on how much shopping you like to do) I’d be back to fix it all again for you.

When we work together, we’ll come up with a system that works for you. It may be the same way I like to organize my house or it may be completely different but the key is it’ll be what works for you.

Because you’re involved in creating your organizing system, it’ll make sense to you. There’s no more wondering where to put something because you know where it goes.

When we take out that extra step of having to decide each and every time where each and every object goes, keeping things organized is so much easier.

No doubt many clients can still benefit from periodic or routine maintenance visits to make sure the systems we’ve created are working for the way life is now. Life’s hectic and it’s smart to make sure you have the systems in place for the way things are right now. But that’s a very different matter than hiring me as an extremely expensive housekeeper. Take the time to get involved in your organizing process. You’ll be amazed how easy it is keep things under control.

Do you feel like you missed the day they taught Organizing 101?

Call Lucy Kelly at (720) 526-2114. I’ll help you get organized and stay organized!

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