Why get organized? No more library fines

If you don’t trust yourself to borrow books from the library because the fines get you every time, here’s a quick way to sort that out. Set aside a basket or a dishpan or a tote and keep all your library books in it standing upright.

Why does this work?

  • It fixes it in your mind that library books have a specific place in your home. You never need to make a decision about where to put any library book you find, because you know it goes in the library book box.
  • Just scoop up the box and put it on the front seat of the car when it’s time for the books to go back.

How do I remember to take the books back on time?

  • Forget the receipts. Sign up for the email reminders from the library. When you get a reminder, the book goes to the front seat of your car right now to be dropped off the next time you leave the house.
  • Consider taking out just one book at a time. If you have a regular library day, you’ll soon get used to taking your book back and getting your next one.

If you want to get fancy, consider keeping a pair of readers in the library book box.

Once you’ve got the overdue fine/missing book fee thing under control, you’re ready to start taking advantage of your library.  Check out this online calculator from the Louisville library website that figures out how much you save by using your library.

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Everything feels better with an organized home!

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