Clutter Challenge: Pathetic Pencils

When Owl, hero of Owl at Home by Arnold Lobel, was trying to make tear-water tea, he sat down, leaned over the kettle and thought of lots of things that were very sad. One of those sad things was “pencils that are too short to use.” My collection of pencils would guarantee Owl a full kettle.

  • Pencils that are way too short to use, much less sharpen.
  • Pencils with no eraser on the end.
  • And pencils that are too sharp.

Just like we all choose a soft toothbrush, even though they sell medium and hard bristled ones, a No. 2 pencil is just right. For some reason, I have a bunch of No. 3 pencils, which score the paper too thoroughly and are impossible to erase.

Time to whittle my pencil collection down to ones that work and I like. When every pencil in the house is a good one, life’s that little bit less sad.

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