Hidden Treasures

It was a small, burnished ring and we found it tucked away in one of the many inner pockets of a pile of dusty old handbags. Nothing much to look at but Janet (not her real name) couldn’t have been more pleased if we’d found a pile of hundred dollar bills.

“This was my aunt’s ring,” she told me. “She gave it to me when I was 16 and I always loved it. After she died a few years ago, I realized that I just couldn’t find it anywhere. She was my favorite aunt and I felt so sad that I’d lost it.”

Like many of my clients, Janet has ADHD and has worked hard to meet those challenges. “I think I held onto all this stuff because I felt the ring might be in there somewhere but I just couldn’t face going through the mountains of stuff to look for it,” she said.

Is there something you’re hoping to find in amongst all the clutter? Would today be a good day to begin the process of clearing away what you no longer need so you can find it?

If you need some help getting started, contact Joyful Surroundings LLC for compassionate, creative, and totally nonjudgmental decluttering & organizing services.

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