Why get organized? Hidden treasures

It was a small, burnished ring and we found it tucked away in one of the many inner pockets of a pile of dusty old handbags. Nothing much to look at but Janet (not her real name) couldn’t have been more pleased if we’d found a pile of hundred dollar bills.

“This was my aunt’s ring,” she told me. “She gave it to me when I was 16 and I always loved it. After she died a few years ago, I realized that I just couldn’t find it anywhere. She was my favorite aunt and I felt so sad that I’d lost it.”

Like many of my clients, Janet has ADHD and has worked hard to meet those challenges. “I think I held onto all this stuff because I felt the ring might be in there somewhere but I just couldn’t face going through the mountains of stuff to look for it,” she said.

Is there something you’re hoping to find in amongst all the clutter? Would today be a good day to begin the process of clearing away what you no longer need so you can find it?

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Everything feels better with an organized home!

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