What if we throw away something I really wish I hadn’t?

Sometimes people are worried that they’ll end up parting with something they wanted or needed and so rather than declutter they just keep everything. I could just show up with a box of matches. We’d take care of all that clutter right away that way. But of course I don’t, because I know and you know that there are treasures you want to find and keep in amongst all the other stuff.

So we look carefully and you’ll be making lots and lots of decisions about what you want to keep and what no longer serves you. Although we’ll meticulously go through things, it’s still possible that you’ll decide to let something go that you later wish you’d kept. It’s unlikely that it’ll be anything really special to you, but sometimes you’ll say goodbye to a piece of Tupperware and then two weeks later look around for it and wish you’d kept it.

This is actually a good thing. It frees you from the paralysis that had you holding onto everything “just in case.” You’ll get to experience the very thing you dreaded and find out that it’s actually not that bad after all. The benefits of letting clutter move on out of your life will far outweigh the minor inconvenience of improvising and using something else instead or worst case scenario spending a few dollars to replace a piece of Tupperware. Allow yourself to be an imperfect declutterer!

Do you feel like you missed the day they taught Organizing 101?

Call Lucy Kelly at (720) 526-2114. I’ll help you get organized and stay organized!

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