Organization = Freedom

Imagine your dream job came up tomorrow. The only condition is that you have to move in two weeks. Could you? When your home is full of clutter and stuff is strewn everywhere, a sudden move like that often leads to hundreds of boxes marked “miscellaneous” and a very big headache when you get to the new place.

Now imagine that you’ve filled your home only with the things you want, love and need. Things have a specific place in your home, so if you had to pack up tomorrow, you could do it logically and in a way that would make it very easy to unpack. There’d be the “kitchen: baking supplies” box, the “office: marketing materials” box, the “living room: DVDs” box.

You may never want to move, but if you have to one day, getting rid of the clutter and organizing your space will make it so much easier.

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