Hidden Treasures

Some of my clients have put off getting help for years. The piles just seem way too daunting. They don’t know where to start. So when I first start working with them, we just pick a pile and get started. Nothing fancy, no secret tricks, just pick somewhere and begin.

Here are some of the things clients have found in recent months:

  • uncashed checks totaling more than $700.
  • gift cards for restaurants, stores and online shopping.
  • photographs that make them beam with joy.
  • a missing garnet ring, treasured for generations, which they’d thought was gone forever.

If you have piles that you dread going through, it might help if you think of yourself as going on a treasure hunt. Just imagine how good it’s going to feel to find your treasures!  It doesn’t matter where you start, so long as you start somewhere.

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