Clutter Challenge: Valentine’s Day

Do you have every Valentine you got in grade school? How about the numerous stuffed teddy bears clutching faded silk hearts, the dusty dried remnants of every bouquet of flowers you ever received, the letters (and emails and texts) from old girlfriends or boyfriends, the ancient menus from romantic dinners of yesteryear?

None of that stuff matters now. All we have is today, and the people around us right now. When you cling tightly to the past, it’s as if you’re telling yourself “there’s no more love for me, so I’d better hold onto the proof that there once was.”

To make space for love right now, in your life as it is today, I invite you to join me in clearing out the faded symbols of the past. Let’s free up some space in our lives for loving the people in front of us instead of curating a whole bunch of things from the past.

Let’s even buy the people we love a card or a bunch of flowers and then let’s let those things go next Saturday too.

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  1. Ha ha…yeah…I have a few things I should probably get rid of. Being unmarried, I can relate to the story of the woman who wrote to Ann Landers (or whatever), “Please don’t let them put “Miss” on my tombstone. I haven’t missed as much as they think.” But I don’t guess I have to prove it by keeping crap for people to deal with (and wonder about) after I’m dead!

    1. Exactly! Some of my clients have what they call the “Lucy Box.” It’s a box for things they can’t quite get rid of yet but wouldn’t want others to wonder about in their absence. We’ve agreed that I’ll toss the “Lucy Box” right in the trash when the time comes.

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