What’s Next?

How much time do you spend trying to get a handle on clutter? From hunting down missing papers to that routine 15 minute search for your keys each morning to racing to the store yet again because your cupboards were too crammed with random cans to find something to fix, clutter costs us lots of time.

When you’re busy chasing your stuff, there’s just no time to go back to school, practice your flute, train for a half marathon.

When you’re busy chasing your stuff, you don’t have to go back to school, practice your flute or train for a half marathon.

Clutter can be a helpful ally to avoid things that seem too hard or aren’t what you really want to do. Please don’t judge yourself if that’s the case for you but do spend some time thinking about how to fill your time so you won’t miss shuffling clutter.

Maybe start by presenting the flute to a kid who would love the chance to learn to play it. Give the running shoes to a thrift store so someone else can tear up that hill. Forget the college applications and take time to think of one thing you’d like to bring into your life right now.

Once you have that vision, the rest falls into place. Let’s clear out the playroom (your kids left home years ago) and turn it into an office. Or a room for all the plants you want to grow. Or a place to sit and think about what it is that YOU want in your life. Hey, thanks for helping clutter, you were useful before but I don’t need you anymore!

If your clutter has taken over your life, contact Joyful Surroundings LLC for compassionate, creative, and totally nonjudgmental decluttering & organizing services.

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