Clutter Challenge: Weak Glue

This week, I broke a plate that I loved. It’s one of the few things I brought back with me from my dad’s house after he died. It was just so familiar, always in our cupboards as I grew up. There was some story about my mom winning it at a dance back in the day.

When it slipped between my fingers and fell to the floor, the crack seemed clean enough that it could be fixed. But the weak, weak china “glue” that I had waiting for just this occasion failed me. The plate refused to stay rejoined and after a few tries, I realized we won’t eat off a plate with a crack in it and if I use it to put a plant on it, the water will leak through.

Sometimes broken is done. I took this photo to remember it by and consigned it and the ineffective glue to the trash can.

Do you have anything you’re saving for an emergency repair? Will it come through for you or is it clutter?

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