“Why Do I Even Have This?”

“His ties were all dark and so timid in pattern that you pictured them cowering in the closet, each praying it would not have to hang around his neck that day and suffer the agony of public exposure.”  William E. Blundell

When we start decluttering, 99 out of 100 clients will at some point during the process tell me:

“I didn’t even know I had this!” “Why do I even have this?” “I completely forgot I had this!”

These aren’t cries of joy and excitement, they’re comments made in puzzled tones. It’s genuinely bewildering to look around at the sheer amount of stuff we have and try to figure out how it got through the door.

The magic lies in what you do next. If you hold onto the drab ties and the boring books, the faded umbrellas and the dusty wicker baskets, how long will it be before they fade into the background of clutter again?

When you find yourself exclaiming something along the lines of “I forgot I had this!” you can use that as a cue to march it on out of the house. If you don’t love, use or need it, it’s forgettable and we can all feel better for surrounding ourselves with the memorable things we adore.

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  1. Thanks Liana, I appreciate your feedback 🙂

  2. Liana George says:

    Very true and very well written! Thanks for sharing!

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