Clutter Challenge: Pastry Cutter

Quick, what is this? I found it in the back of a kitchen drawer, a reminder of days gone past when people (even terrible cooks like me) made pastry by hand. It’s a pastry cutter and it helps you cut the butter into the flour. But when was the last time any of us made pastry?

I’d like to think that I’ll use this relic of a housewifely past again but I know I never will. Time to take it along with the flan tin, the bundt pan, the mini muffin tins and all the other baking equipment I just don’t use and drop them all off for some budding cook to discover at the thrift store.

Are you keeping the equipment for something you don’t do anymore? Quilting frames that never hold a quilt, music stands from back in grade school, beer-making paraphernalia that hasn’t seen action since the Seventies? Can you let any of it go someplace where it might get used again?

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