Clutter Challenge: Extra Work

I’ve had the jar on the right for at least 15 years. Notice its blank label. For some reason, even a permanent marker rubs right off.

It used to say basil, so every time I buy the big jar of basil, I carefully refill the empty jar and find room for the big jar at the back of the cupboard.

This Saturday I’m sending away the small jar and saving myself the task of refilling it each and every time. Little moments like that add up over 15 years, and it’s not like I particularly love the smaller jar.

It had just become a habit to refill it.

It can be interesting to take a look at why we do the things we do without thinking — I must have refilled that jar a hundred times before it occurred to me that I don’t need to.

Next time you find yourself decanting anything, consider asking yourself why.

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