Back to Basics

D’you ever have one of those weeks? Or months? Or years?

We all have our tipping point, when we add just one more thing to do and the whole thing falls apart. You hang up the “out of order” sign on the spare bathroom but it might as well be pinned to the front door. The whole house is officially cluttered and disorganized.

My tipping point is concert week. I sing in two choirs and although I absolutely love it, when concert week comes, watch out! We often have two rehearsals and three concerts in seven days, which means that I have absolutely no time for maintenance. All those little minutes here and there where I’ll straighten a drawer or plan the week’s menus are just non-existent. Your concert week might be finals week or tryouts week or having family from out of town staying with you week.

I used to press on regardless. You know, the whole Superwoman thing. Now, I’ve hung up my cape and when it’s concert week, I’m ready. I tell myself firmly until I listen that this just isn’t the week to launch a new business project. Or try five new gourmet recipes at dinner. Or volunteer for anything at my kids’ schools. Or even to pick up the dry-cleaning for my husband.

It’s concert week and here’s what I need to know:

  1. What we’re going to have for dinner every night. If it’s something already in the freezer, so much the better. If it’s chicken nuggets for the kids three times, that’s okay too.
  2. That we all have enough clean clothes to last us through concert week plus three days.
  3. I have a full tank of gas in my car.

I make sure and write these chores in my planner for the week before so they’ll get done. Then when concert week rolls around I can enjoy myself, knowing I’ll pull it back together when the singing’s over.

Do you feel like you missed the day they taught Organizing 101?

Call Lucy Kelly at (720) 526-2114. I’ll help you get organized and stay organized!

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