Clutter Challenge: an Honorable Car

We bought the already used car when our son was two years old. We joked that we’d send him off to college in it. He’s 19 now and has been driving it to college for a year.

It clocked over 307,000 miles before a fender bender sidelined it. No one was hurt, which is what really matters but it made me realize it’s finally time to stop putting money into an ancient car. It’s given us years and years of service but the frequent repair bills steadily drain our bank account.

And so this Saturday, it’s time to send away an honorable car that we all loved dearly but has reached the end of its useful life. It’ll become an organ donor as its still useful parts are stripped and then it’ll be processed by a machine which separates its materials out so they too can be recycled. I’m glad it won’t just be dumped in a landfill but I’m still really sad to say goodbye.

Are you putting money into something you love but needs to be retired? Is it time to stop doing that?

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