The Reading Pile

It’s a significant part of all the paper we hold onto: things we’re going to read.

  • Articles that we clipped or were clipped and sent to us (Thanks Mom!).
  • Magazines, new and old.
  • Books we want to read.

When you separate it out from the rest of the paper, it’s so tempting to keep it all. Who doesn’t want to be well read? Who doesn’t love the promise of all those interesting and informative articles just waiting to be absorbed?

Chances are, if you clipped it and kept it a while ago, you’ve either moved on to a new interest or you can find that information in fractions of a second via that total information-gathering game changer, the internet.

Evaluate the books and the magazines with a keen eye. How much do you still want to read them? Articles that you really do want to read can be pulled from the magazine, letting you recycle the rest. Books that don’t pass the “I really do want to (not ought to) read this” test can go to the donation pile.

You’ll be left with a stack of things you do want to read and here’s where the reading pile comes in. Take a moment to think about where you read.

  • Is it in the car between appointments?
  • Is it in bed?
  • Is it at the kitchen table?

Wherever you do your reading is where your reading pile needs to be. Don’t forget to keep a recycling bin handy, since once you’ve read something, you can let it go.

The key to managing the reading pile is to give yourself permission to start over. Next time a magazine you want to read comes in, add it to the reading pile. And throw out anything you’ve saved from a previous issue. This is a great place for the “one in, one out” rule, lest the reading pile reach the ceiling.

Now you’ve got your reading pile to a manageable size and found just the right spot for it, it’s time to pour a cup of tea, sit down for a few minutes and lose yourself in the pages. There’s absolutely nothing like a good book!

Do you feel like you missed the day they taught Organizing 101?

Call Lucy Kelly at (720) 526-2114. I’ll help you get organized and stay organized!

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