What’s Your Gazingus Pin?

They can be anything at all, from black cardigans or books about organizing, to beautiful blank notebooks perfect for journaling in. They’re your gazingus pins.

“Before you know it, an alien arm (attached to your body) has reached out and picked up the gazingus pin, and off you go to the checkout…” (p. 27, Your Money or Your Life)

Next time the gazingus pin display calls you, ask yourself if you already have enough

  • black cardigans
  • books about organizing
  • beautiful blank notebooks perfect for journaling in.

What is enough?  Is it one?  Or seven?  Or 34?

When you stop buying on automatic pilot, less clutter comes into your home. That means less to sort, clean, maintain and organize.

So what’s your gazingus pin?

House full of gazingus pins? Contact Joyful Surroundings LLC for compassionate, creative, and totally nonjudgmental decluttering & organizing services.