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Send it away Saturday: stale souvenirs

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Did you ever come back from vacation with a whole bunch of really cool souvenirs? Those adorable corn husk salt and pepper shakers that brightened the long drive through Nebraska. The cool magnets and maps and postcards and jigsaw puzzles. The stuffed animals!  Sooo cute.

Souvenirs are great examples of how we try to hold onto experiences through stuff. Like we somehow lose our memories and experiences if we don’t have a gigantic 64 oz. plastic tumbler from every zoo, museum and gas station we go to.

If you toss all the postcards does that mean you didn’t go to Italy?

If you let the salt and pepper shakers go, does that mean you didn’t drive through Nebraska? Sorry kids, it happened. One day you’ll look back fondly on that trip, I promise.

Like shells from the beach, that look dusty and dried up at home but sparkle at the shore, vacation memories are best held in your heart. Trying to make them tangible through souvenirs leads only to clutter and dusting. And no one needs anything else to dust.

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