Clutter Challenge: Seriously Old Sunscreen

You know how when your kids are really little you spend hours researching everything? Sunscreen is huge, you go online and anxiously try to find out which concoction of deadly chemicals is going to do the least damage to your baby’s precious skin. Friendships cool over the great divide: sunscreen or head to toe organic cotton protection?

My kids are teenagers now. I just found this moldy old tube of sunscreen under the back of the passenger seat, which means it’s been sitting in the baking heat of the driveway all summer after cooling off throughout the snow storms of winter. Every time I yell at my kids to wear sunscreen as they leave, they assure me they have sunscreen in the car.

Sending it away NOW.

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  1. This post is giving me the impetus to check what’s lurking in my car given my three-year-old and his toss aside tendencies! Thanks for the reminders!

    1. All I can say from experience is be prepared to find a whole lot of very stale Cheerios and goldfish crackers down there too!

  2. Sunscreen is definitely one of those products. I use so little of it, and so seldom, that a tube will last long after the expiry date has passed. When I received a small sample bottle as a Klout perk a couple of years ago, I finally tossed the old tube, but now that sample bottle is probably past date too, and I’ve only used a couple of dabs. I don’t know the answer!

    1. Janet, we’re at high altitude here in Colorado, so should be wearing sunscreen daily whether it’s sunny or not. After I tossed this old tube, I invested in a couple of bottles of the spray-on sunscreen for my daughter, since Marching Band practice is outdoors every week for hours and hours. I don’t personally like the idea of the spray, but if it makes the difference between her using sunscreen and not, I’ll take it!

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