Decluttering toothless cleaners: Send it away Saturday bites the bullet

I’m sure you’ve done this too. I came across a great tip for cleaning the toilet without actually getting in there and scrubbing. Just drop a couple of denture tablets in there overnight and voila! Not only did I make an extra trip to the store to get these tablets, I dropped them in there that very night.

Woke up to less than startling results, but they were only a few bucks,no big deal. You live and learn. The question is, why am I still holding onto these? I know they aren’t magic toilet scrubbers. I don’t have dentures. I don’t know anyone with dentures who might want them.

Yet there they sit, along with the leather cleaner that doesn’t really clean leather all that well and the bathroom tile cleaner that might as well be just plain water for all the dirt it removes.

Why do I have a whole section of my cleaning shelf dedicated to products that I know don’t work?

I’m giving up on the dream. It’s time to ditch the weak cleaners and power up the one thing I can always count on. Elbow grease. Do you have any cleaners that aren’t earning their keep? Can you join me and let them go?

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