Kitchen gadget overload

Do you have any really specific kitchen tools? I’m not talking about the fifteen separate bundt pans, each with a very specific use, although you can guess my policy on how many of those you need to keep. I’m talking about things like food processors and onion choppers, things that save work but require fiddly washing up.

This onion chopper has languished at the back of my cupboard for too long now, longing to see the light of day. If I have to choose between washing all the bits or just using a sharp knife, the knife wins every single time.

Time to send it away! It is Saturday after all. The day I challenge myself (and you) to find one thing to let go of. Just one and then we’re done. I’d love to know what you sent on its way today! Email me at and tell me. Extra points for a photo.

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen gadget overload

  1. I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blog posts. This one made me smile, as it reinforced the idea that one person’s clutter can actually be another’s useful item. My eyes tear up almost instantly when trying to cut onions (and I’ve tried every trick imaginable). This onion chopper actually allows me to get the job done before I cannot see through the tears (and accidentally cut my hand). However, I’ve been inspired to toss plenty of other items along the way. Thanks for the blog!


    1. Great point! It’s so true, there’s no “right” way to declutter (or to organize for that matter), it all depends on what works for you. I happen to have contact lenses which protect me from the mighty power of onions, but I can see how this chopper could be one of the most valuable items in your kitchen if you need and use it. Thanks for reading and commenting, glad to hear you’re letting things go too!


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