It’s all about you!

I’ve been thinking about the old story of the landscaper who waited to see which way people walked over the lawns at a college before he chose where to have the concrete paths laid. I’ve always thought that story sums up the very heart of organizing.

Do you shove everything you own into the awkwardly sized plastic tubs you bought by the score because they were on sale?

  • Or do you assess what you still love and need and then figure out which container would work best for you?

Do you cram your papers into a generic filing system, complete with cookie cutter categories?

  • Or do you create a filing system that’s based on the actual things you want to save?

Do you try to shoehorn your spending into the categories the budget book lays down?

  • Or do you come up with an individualized spreadsheet that tracks the overall categories of how you’re actually spending your money?

When you take time to figure out which way you walk, the paths you build will support you.

(The photograph shows a beautiful path in Hangzhou, China that not only follows the natural shape of the landscape but is also lovely in its own right.)

Do you feel like you missed the day they taught Organizing 101?

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