Mission: enter those addresses in your address book

Everyone I help with organizing has one of these and I’m willing to bet that you do too:  a pile of envelopes, often yellowing with age and torn from years of being shuffled around. Why do we keep them? For the addresses, of course. Every time a Christmas card arrives, we save the envelope because it has our friend’s address on it. Which we need to save so we can send them a card early next time. Even though we can more easily call, text or email, when it comes time for Christmas only the mail will do. If only we could lay our hands on those addresses we’ve saved.

As the Christmas cards start to come in this year, dare yourself to do one of two things:

(1) Get this project taken care of. Find the address book. Enter all the contact information from the envelopes. Major organizing brownie points if you find all those old addresses and enter them in too.

(2)  Be brave and just toss the envelopes away. Major organizing brownie points if you find all the old addresses and throw them away too.

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