Send it away Saturday turns two!

Every Saturday I challenge myself (and you) to find one thing that’s become clutter and let it go. It started when I saw one too many magazine headlines at the checkout urging me to take 567 easy steps to a clutter free house.

I know and you know it’s not that simple. But I had a hunch I could probably find one thing to declutter each week.

Just one and then we’re done.

Here’s what I’ve let go of so far.

I love hearing about the things you all let go and was thrilled to hear from Angie recently, who told me she’s gotten the Send it away Saturday habit:

“I have always been an organizer, just love how it makes me feel, so needless to say I really enjoy your Times Call article’s  and now your emails. Five years ago I went to sleep healthy and very organized, in the night I rolled over and woke up screaming the room was spinning and flip flopping, I found out after years of countless hospital and doctor appointments that I have vertigo, sorry for the long story just want you to know due to years of spinning I really can’t even bend over without getting dizzy and sick to my stomach, so I bet you can tell where I’m going with this long email I have not been able to keep up on my organization.
But now because of you I look forward to send it away Saturday, you made me realize I can still try to organize one thing at a time. Sometimes Saturday runs into Thursday depending on my dizzy days but I always send something away.
Last Saturday I tackled our grandkids’ play kitchen set they have outgrown, it was hard because of so many memories of fun healthy days but I knew it was time for it to go, the best part is I put it on Craigslist and the sweet lady that fell in love with it is adopting a little girl so I got organized and a little girl got a new toy.”

I’d love it if you joined me too. Email me at and tell me what you sent on its way this week. Extra points for photos!

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12 thoughts on “Send it away Saturday turns two!

  1. I love this idea! It gets people motivated when they have the time to do it, usually on Saturdays. Thanks for sharing! I will share it with my organizing and small business clients. =) Everyone can use the help.


    1. Sharing would be awesome Sarah, thank you! Just like the Slow Food movement, I believe there’s a place for the Slow Organizing movement. So often we throw things out in a whirl of activity and then let things accumulate again but if you get the Send it away Saturday habit, you start to connect with the ongoing process that is organizing.


  2. I love the idea of “Send it Away Saturday”… gets you into a habit of clearing each week. I’m a big believer in taking small steps, consistently, over time!


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