Clutter Challenge: Christmas Cookie Project

My daughter and I started a new tradition this year, making Christmas cookies together. We came up with the idea of making twelve different cookies for the twelve days of Christmas and had lots of fun picking out recipes, amassing supplies (I have way too much butter in my fridge right now) and making the cookies.

As with any project, there’s how you think it’ll be and how it actually is. In my mind, I saw the cookies all popping effortlessly out of the cookie cutters:

But these three cutters turned out to be way too fiddly for the dough to come out in one piece. Instead of stars, reindeer and bows, we got lots of tiny crumbly bits to decorate.

I imagined us presenting the perfect cookies on this lovely plate

and was sure my family would appreciate the extra touch of being offered the use of these very special napkins.

But of course, what actually happened is they swooped down like locusts and devoured the cookies before they’d even had a chance to cool much less hop onto the plate. And napkins? Locusts don’t use napkins, they just devour everything in their path.

It was a fun tradition to start and we’ll definitely do it again next year but we’ll have more realistic expectations. We’ll pick the recipes everyone really liked and ditch the complicated ones. I’m still finding fragments of crushed candy canes underfoot, casualties of the recipe that had us mixing them with cream cheese and food coloring to stuff a cookie made from dry, crumbly dough.

We’ll forget the special supplies and just enjoy having everyone in the kitchen at one time. And so this Saturday I’m sending away a Christmas cookie plate, some lovely unused Christmas napkins and a few fussy cookie cutters.

How about you — do you have any project supplies that you thought you’d use but didn’t? Can they go away now?

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  1. What a fun tradition to have started with your family! I had to laugh at your locust description! You should have included one of the favored cookie recipes. I recently got rid of a vanilla bean and some spices I never ended up using for a recipe.

    1. Thanks Sarah and great job letting the vanilla bean and spices go! Our favorite recipe was probably the “Kiss Cookies” one. Not very seasonal, but definitely disappeared the quickest. They’re just a simple sugar cookie with a Hershey’s Kiss candy pressed into the top of the cookie as soon as it comes out of the oven. Big chocolate fans over here 🙂

  2. We bake cookies every year with the kids. We love it and we share the cookies as gifts for neighbors and friends. Very fun. We have a folder that holds all the holiday cookie recipes in my holiday binder. I like to write phrases like “good” “too hard” “Too complicated on the recipe page so we remember to do or not to do the recipe. It works great. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great year.

    1. That’s a great idea Sabrina. We saved the recipes for the ones we liked, but a year’s a long time to forget so that’s a smart move to keep us from making the ones that weren’t so great again next time. We shared them too, and that was so much fun.

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