Clutter Challenge: Old TV’s

We were never one of those people who don’t watch TV. I still remember my first evening in the U.S., when my soon-to-be husband solemnly attached the bread knife to the rabbit ears of his tiny TV set, scrawled through the dial until he reached The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and my cultural education in a strange new land began.

We’ve always had a TV but it’s always been kind of small. I think we held onto our 13″ bulky non-flat screen set for a good twenty years before our kids started wondering aloud why we didn’t have a TV “like everyone else’s.”

We cautiously upgraded to a flat screen TV but kept to the small screen size until we hit 50 and got tired of squinting already. In with a bigger screen, out with this modest sized TV.

I wish we could donate it, but thrift stores don’t want TVs anymore. So it’s time to drop it off to Best Buy and their fabulous electronics recycling program.  Great home if you’re sending away any old electronics this Saturday too. If you’re hesitant to let go of an obsolete computer or laptop because it still has data on the hard drive, check out this handy guide to wiping a hard drive.

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