Organizing books: the shelf matters

I tried so hard to make this bookcase work.

revolving bookcase

I love how it spins and how the spindles hold the books in place. It reminds me of the one my grandfather had. I like how the wood looks.

But the truth of the matter is, it’s hard to see all the books without spinning it, and it’s just too big. Neither an against-the-wall bookshelf nor a small side shelf, it wants to be in the middle of a big library with a dictionary open to the word of the day.

I don’t live in that sort of a house and I probably never will. This morning I found the perfect small bookcase to keep the organizing books I’m currently reading on and so I think I’ll drop this circular bookshelf off at the thrift store today and let it find its rightful owner.

Life’s just too short to hold onto things that might work in another house maybe one day.

organizing bookshelf

I found the perfect bookshelf for my current reading list

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