Send it Away Seinfeld

I fell for the promise of this cookbook hook, line and sinker. Of course I wanted to learn “simple secrets to get my kids eating good food”. It didn’t hurt that it’s by Jessica Seinfeld either, since the TV watching contingent in our house can cite any line in every episode of the entire nine seasons of Seinfeld. They like watching Seinfeld, they’ll eat the food in this cookbook…you can see where my logic went hopelessly off the rails.

The whole premise of the book is you add pureed vegetables to each recipe. A fine idea in theory, but it didn’t take long before blending my own broccoli and chopping up butternut squash in order to bake it, puree it and freeze it in tiny quarter-cup portions seemed like an excessively fussy use of my time.

They make baby food in jars already. I could just add that to the recipe, right? But adding a jar of strained peas to spaghetti sauce didn’t seem as effective as I’d hoped. I got complaints about the funny taste and everyone noticed the odd color.

I shelved the book, thinking I could try again later. Brownies with spinach puree – what’s not to love? But it’s just been gathering dust. My kids don’t eat vegetables and I guess I have to be okay with that. If I’d started spiking their meals with vegetables when they were babies, that could have worked. They’d have gotten used to the taste. But trying to sneak vegetables into your teenagers’ meals is a recipe for uneaten meals.

Time to send this cookbook to join all the other copies in my local thrift store. Do you have a cookbook that overpromised and underdelivered? Can you clear it out yet?

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