Have you been Kondoed?

This month’s column takes on an organizing giant. Marie Kondo may have inspired a lot of people but her method is the opposite of Send it away Saturday and has led many a client to crash and burn.


Do you feel like you missed the day they taught Organizing 101?

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2 thoughts on “Have you been Kondoed?

  1. It has been interesting to see the controversy Ms. Kondo’s book has generated. As with most endeavors, people find varying degrees of success and struggle as they tackle a task. For some, her approach will be perfect, while for others, a different tack may be needed. I will say that it seems she has brought attention to the fact that clutter is something so many people face and are trying to deal with!

  2. David Allen’s Getting Things Done stressed me out a bit when I first read it. It’s quite dense and I had to read through sections a few times to understand his concepts. I’ve been able to pick out some to apply in my work.

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