Why Get Organized? Rhonda’s Story

Rhonda was a client of mine whose real name isn’t Rhonda. She hired me because she was convinced she didn’t know how to organize and was tired of living in what she called “a pig sty.” When we first started working together, she was pretty hard on herself and got frustrated with how foreign the language of organizing was to her. It turns out she’d never had to deal with her room growing up and now she was on her own after college, she was too busy to figure out from scratch the systems that would keep her place running smoothly.

Rhonda took to organizing like a duck to water. She wanted to learn and she happily decluttered just about everything that wasn’t relevant to her life and quickly picked up the why behind what we were doing to organize and set up her home. At our final appointment together, she gave me a big hug and told me this story.

“So I went to the mountains with a bunch of friends last weekend. We were staying at this cabin with a tiny kitchen with a really small fridge. The guys started to put the beer in the fridge and they were totally frustrated because it wouldn’t all go in. And I said, stand back, I got this!” Rhonda’s eyes were shining as she told me how she’d tossed out the food that didn’t need to be in the fridge and then expertly stacked the beer so she could get the maximum amount possible in there.

Rhonda has totally internalized why we declutter and organize. Those skills will stay with her throughout her life.  Rhonda, you totally got this!

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