How to Put a Stop to the Morning Adrenaline Rush

Ah, adrenaline! Is there anything more jarring than starting off the day with a nice surge of most people’s drug of choice as you scramble to find something clean to wear, remember where the heck the keys are, and find that article you promised to give your boss last week?

If you’re tired of the spikes and ensuing crashes, here are three ways to set up your day for a smoother start.

Create a Launch Pad for Your Keys

  • Pick a spot by the door you use most often.
  • Put something with a surface there (table, counter, top of the bookshelf).
  • Announce the new rule to yourself and whoever else needs to know: “This is where the keys go”. Train yourself to put the keys there first thing whenever you come in the house. A pretty bowl helps give you a visual cue.

Pick Out Tomorrow’s Clothes the Night Before

pick out the clothes.jpg

  • Thinking about what kind of a day is coming up, select the outfit you want to wear.
  • Pile underwear and shoes nearby so you really don’t have to think in the morning.
  • If you’re really ambitious, you can do the whole week. But most people like to ease into it a day at a time.

Have One Place for Papers that Need to Leave the House

launch pad.jpg

  • Find a basket or a tray or an old shoe box.
  • Put it next to the key bowl.
  • Train yourself to put all papers that need to go out of the house there. “The rule is, all papers that need to leave the house go in this basket.”

Why do these ideas work?

They’re all based on eliminating decisions. You have enough to do every day without wasting brainpower on the same old problems. When you train your brain to expect to find the keys in the bowl, the papers in the tray, the clothes already picked out, you’re freed up to think about more exciting things. Like how to manage it so you can fill up your gas tank the night before and avoid the morning rush hour line at the gas station.

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