Shea Butter? No Thanks!

A friend of mine has developed chemical sensitivities, specifically to perfume. I thought I was a pretty aware friend since I reel in the Axe aisle and avoid dryer sheets like the plague. But it turns out that fragrance is in pretty much everything we use in the house and on our bodies and that includes my favorite conditioner.

You have to understand that curly hair takes some work. I grew up with my mom dry brushing out my curly locks until static electricity took over and defined my style but I’m over that now and I know that curly hair needs conditioner. Over the years I’ve tried everything out there and finally found one that works for me and doesn’t break the bank. And yes, it smells quite lovely.

So when my friend’s sensitivities kicked into high gear, I went on a mission to find something that would keep my curls happy and not knock her out when I visited. And being a logical, organized sort of person, I figured why not do a little detective work ahead of time and make things easy? I scanned the ingredients of my favorite conditioner and noticed that shea butter was high up the list.

Headed to Whole Foods and cut to the chase – a tub of fragrance free shea butter to apply directly to my hair and then rinse out. No fragrance, sleek curls, I was extremely pleased with myself.

However, it turns out that one of the reasons my favorite conditioner smells so wonderfully perfumey probably has something to to do with the strong, repellent smell of raw shea butter. After plastering it all over my hair, and combing it through for good measure, I realized shea butter stinks and I will never, ever put it on my hair or anywhere else where I might smell it again. Took me quite a while to rinse out before I headed back to the health food store to see what they had for fragrance free conditioners.

So that’s my Send it away Saturday story this time – what’s yours?

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