October already? When do I think I’m going to be using this pile of extra 2016 planners?

I buy a lot of planners, strictly in the name of research you understand. I make the sacrifice and spend hours browsing the office supply aisles just so I can keep up on the latest ways to organize your thoughts old school. You’re welcome.

And apparently when I find a system I like (I combine a monthly calendar for appointments, a weekly planner for noting down future things I want to do at the appropriate time, and a daily reminder card for planning each day), I keep all the old planners anyway just in case I change my mind. That’d make sense in January or February but by now, I’m committed to this year’s system so why on earth are these still hanging around?

That’s my Send it away Saturday for today, what’s yours?

P.S. Before you write and tell me to get into the digital age, let me tell you why I stay with pen and paper (actually, it’s pencil and paper). Because science. Research has come out showing that the physical act of using a writing implement to scratch symbols onto paper helps you remember what you’ve written better than if you type.

I also find it’s much quicker for me to erase an appointment in my paper planner and then flip ahead and write in the new one rather than opening an app, getting to the right place, ignoring all the ads and remembering to save my work. And then staying on task after I’m done instead of popping off to check in on Facebook.

Your mileage may vary – as ever, it’s not about being “right” so much as it’s about doing what works best for you and letting go of what’s no longer needed, in my case these superfluous planners.

Oh and look for an update this time next year – I just found out that my favorite daily reminder planning system has been discontinued so the search will go on until I find what I need. Or come up with one of my own!

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