Reason #1 to Get Organized: Find Snakes Fast

It’s not that I like snakes, you understand. I actually dread them and would happily never see another one in my life. But I have this son who has loved animals since he was teeny tiny and never grew out of it. He started off with the stuffed variety,


and soon moved onto the real thing,



As you can see, it’s a lifelong enthusiasm and he currently has a snake. At home. In my house. And the understanding has always been, I don’t know it’s there. Of course I do, but he keeps it in his room and I can almost forget about it most of the time.

Except when it gets out. Something it’s not supposed to do but when you combine a snake and a son with ADHD, these things are going to happen sooner or later. I got home from a trip to Denver with the rest of the family yesterday to the sight of my son looking like he’d been busy. Almost like he’d been searching high and low for something. Almost like he had something to tell me.

After I’d calmed down enough to remember how you’re supposed to calm down (leave the continent), I pulled on my sturdy hiking boots and protective gloves, because the only thing worse than seeing a snake is accidentally touching it, and we started a systematic hunt. He’d spent the previous two hours turning the place upside down but Rosy (the rosy boa) had clearly been sunning herself to good effect and was nowhere to be found.

I put my professional skills to use and incorporated a stealth tidying up of his room as we searched, and eventually we came across the snake curled up behind a pile of books. You probably heard me screaming from where you are. He put the thing back in its cage and my mood brightened at the realization that I could now sleep at night without worrying about treading on a snake during the middle of the night trip to the bathroom.

“It totally makes sense. I knew it was in here,” he told me thoughtfully, “it had to be. There’s no piles anywhere else for it to hide in.”

Reason #273 to keep the clutter down and things organized, I told him. And to myself I muttered, reason #1. Is there anything more important than being able to find a rogue snake within minutes?

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  1. purpleslob says:

    Nope, nothing else more important!!

  2. Oh my goodness Lucy… I don’t think I could ever have a snake living in our home! At least not by choice 😉 I love that you used the search as an opportunity to tidy up his room though. I do that whenever one of my kids can’t find something… they’re usually more motivated at that time than any other time!

    1. Definitely! If I could have managed not to scream when I found it, I would have kept quiet until the room was finished.

  3. Great story! I have a client with a snake named “Venom.” Thankfully he’s not venomous, but the first thing I do upon arrival is make sure he’s in his tank and the lid is on securely!

    1. That would be my first order of business too, Sarah!

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