I know I should but I just can’t…

Our adorable dog Baxter went to the vet recently and I splurged on this tube of dog toothpaste I’ll never use. I say splurged because I knew as I was buying it that I wouldn’t use it. Baxter is a huge, adorable mutt who came from a shelter in the California desert. He’s loyal, loving, well-behaved and enriches all our lives. He’s so trusting that you could take a plate of food away from him and he wouldn’t growl, snarl or bite – he’d know there must be a reason.


But the one thing he’s not cool with is letting anyone poke around in his mouth, much less with a brush, and not even with some poultry-flavored toothpaste (yum!).

I hope I don’t get deluged with emails telling me what a rotten dog owner I am, but there’s really no way this dog toothpaste will ever get used. Time to stock up on dental chews for Baxter and turn this tube over to the shelter.

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